The Dreamverse Party

Exclusive Music & Digital Art Celebration & Show

Dreamverse Party - 8pm - 1am EST

Experience for the first time ever - Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days Immersive Art Installation & Show with 30+ Foot Transforming LCD Screens, LCD Chandeliers, AR, & More

Unveiling of the B5K Monument

Dreamverse will unveil the B5K (Beeple 5000) monument that has been quietly built in the metaverse (Decentraland) in a new structure called CryptoSouk. The structure has been designed by leading New York-based architecture firm Holly13. Attendees will be able to explore the monument virtually via VR Arcades and also in an experiential physical installation.

DJ Sets from:



Alesso, a DJ and dance music producer from Stockholm, Sweden, has achieved cross-genre success, blending progressive house with pop and scoring worldwide hits in collaboration with a wide range of artists. Alesso is releasing his NFT series Cosmic Genesis, which takes fans on an audiovisual journey through the cosmos. The first token is available now on OneOf, and the 2nd-4th tokens will be released as Alesso takes the stage at Dreamverse.


Curators Two



Curators Three

Stretch Armstrong


Curators Four

Maachew Bentley


Carsten Höller

In collaboration with Acute Art 7.8 (Reduced Reality App) 2021

In collaboration with Acute Art, Carsten Höller launches his hallucinatory AR experience 7.8 (Reduced Reality App) as part of Dreamverse. The work makes your phone flicker, vibrate and sound at 7.8 Hz, a frequency that stimulates brain waves and, after a while, may induce hallucinations. Based on research in brain science, the artwork is a social experiment that involves the people sharing a space. At Dreamverse it will become a collective immersive experience that creates a bridge between art and music.


Sneak Peak of Metapurse’s Crypto Souk

MetaSouk is a virtual museum and multiform performing arts space. An exploration into the unique morphology of “crypto-native” architecture, it exists somewhere between a virtual building and a strategy that retains conceptual coherence while pre-planning its own evolution.


2 Augmented Reality Photobooths from Jadu

Step into the booth to experience and capture the collision of physical reality and the Metaverse with the upcoming Jadu Hoverboard in action for the first time. Choose from our favorite NFT avatar collections and watch in delight as the avatar emerges from the Metaverse into the photobooth on a Jadu Hoverboard.

Jadu AR Visualizer

Experience the breadth and scope of Beeple's Everydays: The First 5000 Days as a mesmerizing augmented reality visualizer created by Jadu for Dreamverse.

5 Virtual Reality Booths

Experience Virtual Reality Art the way it is intended, in its native form. We will have Oculus Quest 2 headsets and a bespoke VR experience to witness 3D VR sculptures and more.

Napkin Killa

From drawing at worldwide events, to selling the first NFT animations on napkins, the Bar Napkin Cartoon Assassin will be drawing his signature napkin portraits of guests, free-of-charge.

Plus, merch booth from Chennai, India-based street clothing brand Angi. Angi is the brainchild of two youngsters who wanted to change the outlook of how old school designs are perceived. Angi gives the wearer a sense of belonging and feeling of homecoming.